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Informational Technology

Web 2.0 is a new way of looking at the Internet. 

Instead of passive viewers of content, users can create, interact, and collaborate online.  These are some web 2.0 tools regularly used in education:

·  Glogster - for interactive posters

·  Prezi - a zooming presentation tool

·  Animoto and other online video makers

·  Wikis such as Wikispaces

·  Blogs such as Blogster

·  Website makers such as Google Sites or Weebly

·  Comic book generators

·  Animation tools such as XtraNormal

·  VoiceThread – a visual forum

·  Popplet and other mind-mapping software programs

Ms. Gammel's Site for Faculty and Staff

Library Technology for Teachers

Contact me via email at or call me at x5125.  I can meet you during your prep period or after school to go over the program, brainstorm how the program can meet your curriculum needs, then set up time to train your students in the lab.  Usually, there is a research component as well and I will also assist your students in finding quality information.

Troubleshoot Your Chromebook

Videos for Graduated Seniors for Email, Drive, and Sites