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Canva - Make Posters, Brochures, Business Cards, and More: Canva

Why Use Canva?

- An alternative to Google Slides.
- Easy registration.
- Create a link to view, share, or post in Classroom or Schoology
- Different formats enable creativity.
- Load images easily.  
- Saves on their server so there's no file to save, no conversion problems.
- Allows for multiple collaborators (but must sign off in order for others to sign on).

Subject Guide

Profile Photo
Jennifer Jourdain
Montachusett Regional Voc Tech School
1050 Westminster Street
Fitchburg, MA 01420
(978) 345-9200 x5125

Standard Online Presentation Rubric

Anyone at Monty Tech can view, file, and make a copy of this generic ONLINE PRESENTATION RUBRIC.  It suits most needs for all presentation material.

Canva Directions

Canva is a multimedia design platform that allows users to create posters, brochures, business cards,  social media graphics, invitations,  and other visual content.  You can download your own images or use their graphics.  It integrates millions of images, fonts, templates and illustrations.


Step One: Register.  Go to and click on Sign Up wth Google.  Click on Student or Teacher.  Click on Skip.

Step Two: Choose Format. Move your cursor over the template and look for FREE.  The others are only logo free without a Pro account.

Step Three: Use the Main Menu:  All products use the same menu on the left.  Photos are mostly available for the Pro account.  To use any photo, open a new tab, go to Google and search.  Right click and Save to your computer. Keep the file ending. Then in Canva, click on Uploads.  After the picture is done uploading, click on it.  You can resize, crop, add effects, etc.  Text will add headings, subheadings, and paragraph text.  You can also add text combinations.  Elements are little pictures that you can add.  Some are animated.  Videos are mostly from the Pro account.  You can add YouTube videos if you want by clicking on More and YouTube.  Background adds attractive backgrounds to your project that you can easily alter with effects.  

Step Four: Save and Share. Your project saves automatically.  You can download it easily by clicking on the icon, then choose the File type, and then the Download button.  You can also embed it by clicking on Embed.

You can embed these!

Book Club by Jennifer Jourdain

Vocational Teachers

For Vocational Teachers: Use Canva to address Vocational Frameworks for Strand 4.
Lesson Plan Ideas:

  1. Research careers in their trade and create a brochure, business card, or resume with graphics and text.
  2. Present material in a timeline, a poster, presentation, or a portfolio for other students.
  3. Review a professional journal article and develop a presentation that summarizes the article that they will then present to the class.
  4. Predict the future of the trade or create a timeline of the past.

Academic Teachers

Lesson Plan ideas:


  1. Present research around the time period of the novel
  2. Create a book review, character analysis, report
  3. Describe a literary device or scene 

Social Studies:

  1. Create a timeline or presentation to explore one aspect of history (wars, social issues, etc.)
  2. Research your trade through a historical period
  3. Describe a world religion or government
  4. Examine human or civil rights


  1. Describe a science experiment
  2. Present a scientific process or animal 
  3. Discover how your trade relates to science
  4. Create an infographic of a topic

Foreign Language:

  1. Explore a culture or country
  2. Examine an important figure or time periods in a different country


  1. Explain a mathematical process
  2. Present how math relates to every day life
  3. How a trade relates to math
  4. Create an infographic with statistics