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World History Project Guide: Units

Units and Ideas for Research

Unit 1:Topics

Unit 2: Topics

Unit 3: Topics

Unit 4: Topics

World Religions

  • The Caste system and law

  • Buddhism in China/ Southeast Asia

  • The great Mosques

  • How are religion, economics and power connected?

  • Religious conflicts

  • Religious practices and the law


Middle Ages/ Enlightenment

  • Everyday life of peasants

  • The Roman Catholic Church in the Medieval period

  • Judaism in Medieval Europe

Renaissance/ Reformation/ Scientific Revolution

  • An artist study

  • Symbolism in Renaissance Art

  • Humanism and the Church

  • The Church during the Italian Renaissance

  • Women of the Enlightenment

  • Controversial Science of the Past (or Conflict with Science and Religion)

  • Scientific Revolution and Modern Interpretations

French Revolution

  • The role of the press in Revolutionary France

  • Imperialism and Consequences

  • The Terror

  • Comparative Analysis of French Revolution with Another Revolution (not American)