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Your Monster Research Presentation Project: Home

MyBib is a citation manager that provides free citations for MLA, APA, and Chicago style.   Create a new Project, then Add a Citation.  Choose from website, book, journal, video, and more.   If citing a database article, click on More and then Write/Paste.  When you are ready to print your Works Cited or References page, click on Download Bibliography.  Click here for handout. Watch the video!

Parenthetical Citations

Please use a citation after all direct quotes and after paraphrased information. Use a signal phrase before direct quotes. 

Example: According to Simon Parker "Shakespeare continues to amaze us after centuries" (Parker).

Works with author and page numbers:
(Popoff 10).

Works with an author and no page numbers:

Works without an author or page number. Enter a shortened title in quotes:


Your Monster Instructions!


Step one: Choose a monster from this list:  

Witches, Cernunnos (a Celtic God), dragons, “The Green Man,” vampires, Bigfoot, werewolves, Horus (Egyptian god), Anubis (Egyptian god), minotaur (half man/half bull), satyr (half man/half goat), Cerberus (3-headed dog), gorgons (ugly monster women), elves, fairies, leprechauns, mermaids, trolls.

Step two: Find an article about your monster in one of these databases below and take notes in the sheet:
Fill out the Monster Note-taking Sheet. You should have one already in Classroom.

    You'll need the password montytech1 at home.

Create a Works Cited with the sources that you used and paste in your last slide. (You don't need to cite your pictures.)

Step three: Fill out the Google Slides template located in Classroom.  When you're done, turn it in!