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Entering Grade 11 Summer Assignments 2021: Home

English: Honors 11 or AP Language and Composition

Students taking Honors 11 or AP Language and Composition must complete summer reading.

The English Department strongly suggests ALL students choose at least ONE novel to read over the summer. Any student who chooses to read a novel over the summer will be offered EXTRA CREDIT from their English teacher upon their return to school in the fall. We suggest students take advantage of the thousands of novels available using the SORA APP (see box below) however, students may also visit their local libraries or bookstores to borrow or purchase novels.

eBooks and Audiobooks

Commonwealth eBook Collections:

On your portable device (cell phone or tablet) search for and download the SORA app. Watch the VIDEO to learn how.

Click: "My school isn't listed" at the bottom, type in Montachusett, and tap MLS Commonwealth Collections. Select Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School and sign in with your account. You may need to type in your password.  Take out five books at a time. Or read or listen in a browser

Note:  Books sync whether you use the website or the app.  To expand your options, link your public library card and/or Boston Public Library card to SORA (see directions below or watch the VIDEO).  In the app, click in the corner and add a library

Free Boston Public Library Card:

IF YOU DON'T HAVE A PUBLIC LIBRARY CARD, get an ecard from the Boston Public Library online.  Add the BPL to your SORA app for even more books.  Detailed instructions are here!  The BPL eCard gives you online access to apps where to borrow audiobooks and ebooks, among other things like research databases and movies. Here is the link to register for an e-card.

Click here if using a computer and downloading to a Kindle or Nook. Choose Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School.  Click on your Monty Tech account.  Take out three at a time (21-day loan). Move over to your Nook using Adobe Digital Editions or your Kindle. Or read or listen in a browser

Monty Tech's Destiny Discover:  Download the Destiny Discover app to find books and ebooks in our catalog.  Use your montytech login and password to login and download books.

Advanced Placement Environmental Science Summer Assignment

Only Grade 11 AP Environmental Science:  
Click to view the FULL PDF of the assignment, resources, review sheets, and questions. There are 4 parts to the summer assignment:

  • ASSIGNMENT #1: Current Events: Environmental Articles Summaries & Reflections (20 points)
  • ASSIGNMENT #2: Be Aware of and Enjoy Nature (20 points)
  • ASSIGNMENT #3: AP Environmental Science Math Review (20 points)
  • ASSIGNMENT #4: Home Movie Questions (5 points)

Advanced Placement Chemistry Summer Assignment

Only Grade 11 AP Chemistry:  

Click on this link to view the full PDF of the assignment with resources, terms, trends, and problems.