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Mr. Zibel - Freshmen Research Paper Periods 3-4, 6-7: Background, Keywords & Questions

Check for Understanding

I now have:

__ read a general article on my topic

__ definitions and explanations to understand my topic better

__ keywords written down to search

__ questions from my initial research

__ an essential question

Background Information: Your First Sources

Get Some Background Information:

Read one or two articles from a general encyclopedia (Britannica Online) or an online database.  Background information provides you with definitions, explanations, and terms related to the topic.

Note: Each of these databases provide you with the citation!

Try searching for the word Elizabethan or try Renaissance England
With ABC-CLIO, choose one of two sub-databases: Daily Life through History and World History: The Modern Era


Write down some keywords: These are the important words that you will search later.  They define your topic and are basic facts, concepts, terms, events, and/or people. 


Write a few questions that will be a starting point to your research. 
Start them with What, Where, When, Why, or How.

The Essential Question

Write an Essential Question:  A question that looks deeply into a subject for greater meaning.  It makes meaningful connections with prior learning and/or personal experiences.  It creates discussion and even more questions.  It can consider alternatives and justify answers.  It can't be answered with a sentence or two.

How did Shakespeare's childhood influence his writing?


You will use MLA format to cite your sources.  You need to register with easybib in order to save your citations.  When you register, enter the Montytech password to get the school account.