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Mr. Zibel - Freshmen Research Paper Period 8/9: Rough Draft

Check for understanding

My Introduction has:

__ an attention grabber.

__ an overview of my topic.

__ a statement about the significance of my topic.

__ my thesis statement at the end.

My Body paragraphs:

__ begin with a topic sentence that presents the subtopic.

__ give strong evidence to support the subtopic.

__ have a sentence which transitions to the next paragraph.

My Conclusion:

__ restates my thesis in different words or a different way.

__ Briefly summarizes each subtopic.

__ Ends with a strong clincher: a meaningful final sentence that usually refers back to the attention grabber.


Your introductory paragraph (or "introduction") should contain the following (in order), depending on the paper:

  1. An attention grabber: an example, statistic, interesting historical fact, an anecdote (little story), a quote relating to your topic.
  2. An overview of the topic or issue.
  3. Why it is significant. (Why is your topic worth researching?  Why is it important?)
  4. The thesis statement.

I. Introduction:
When reading the writings of William Shakespeare, one may wonder how much his family, childhood and education may have had an impact on him as a writer. Before and during his career, his life went through various changes and developments. However, Shakespeare was able to use whatever was available to him in order to produce memorable plays that have lasted for hundreds of years.