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Instructions for Citing in Chicago 17th ed.

  • Insert a footnote for each direct quote and paraphrased sentence/paragraph.  The footnote will appear at the bottom of the page.
  • Footnotes found on the page should be under the line on the same page.
  • The first footnote should be the complete citation, single spaced (see below for examples of database, website, and book articles) Double space between citations.
  • Subsequent footnotes are an abbreviated version of the citation (either title in quotes or author’s last name).
  • In the footnote, put the author’s first name and then last name.  But in the Bibliography, put the last name, first.
  • For websites, for the footnote, put a comma after the website title, then lowercase accessed.  For the Bibliography, put a period after the website title and capitalize Accessed.
  • If two footnotes fall together in a row and it’s from a book and have different page numbers, you can either use the abbreviated version or Ibid, page number.
  • Go: for help.


Sample Bibliography


“About Woodstock.” Woodstock. Accessed January 30, 2018.


Harris, Nathaniel, and J. M. Roberts. The Sixties : An Illustrated History in Colour, 1960-70. London: Macdonald Educational, 1975.

"Woodstock Music Festival Epitomizes the 1960s, August 15, 1969-August 17, 1969." In Historic U.S. Events. Detroit: Gale, 2012. U.S. History in Context (accessed January 30, 2018).

T - Times New Roman 12 point font.
A - Alphabetize
D - Double space between entries
I - Indent second and subsequent lines.