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Pick Two!

For Research-Based Remote Lessons, choose one research topic from the box on the left and one mode of presentation on the right.

Research Paper Ideas for Trades (APA 7)

  • Literature review (2-3 current trade articles about a topic).
  • Case study (an examination of one person, group, or situation over time).
  • Specialties in the trade (different career options).
  • Study of a specific process, procedure, instrument, or method.
  • History of the trade (general).
  • Gender disparity in the trade.
  • An examination of stereotypes in the trade.
  • History of one topic in the trade.
  • History or biography of a business (company) or person (past or present).
  • An exploration of a “game changer” in your trade (invention or innovation).
  • Future of the trade.
  • Future of the career in the trade (salary, education, marketability, owning a business).
  • Other Topics

Modes for Presenting Information and Learning

  • Writing Assignment Using Google Docs:
    • Fill in a table with preloaded questions and a space for the source citation (worksheet).
    • Traditional research paper (APA or MLA Style) with introduction, thesis, supporting paragraphs, conclusion, and sources.
    • Write a review, an analysis, or different form of writing.
  • Physical Presentation:
    • Drawing (ex: "One Page" with handwritten explanations)
    • Collage using photos and text
    • Physical product related to shop with photographic evidence or video
    • Game board, poster, three panel display board, or diorama
  • Technology-Based Presentation:
    • Google Slides or Google Drawing
    • Prezi (zooming online presentation)
    • Canva (posters, business cards, resumes)
    • StoryboardThat (cartoon)
    • (timeline, interactive image, presentation, game)
    • Video (present with visual aids, screencast, create a "how-to" video, FlipGrid)
    • Kahoot, Quizlet, or Quizziz (students create a quiz to test the knowledge of other students)