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Chinese Culture Research Project: Home

Goal of the Project

To appreciate the culture in The Joy Luck Club by gaining an understanding of the Chinese culture through a research project and presentation.

Note Taking Sheet

Note-Taking Sheet.  Click File and Make a Copy.

Database Research

Choose one topic to research.  You will need at least 2 database or book articles in your paper.  There are several books set aside for the project.  You may copy what you need.


ABC-CLIO is a Social Studies database.  Search them all at the same time.  You are more likely to find the article you want if there are more hits in the database.  Use montytech1 for login and password at home.

 World History in Context is a Social Studies database with books, magazines, journals, etc.  No home password is needed. 

This database is composed of online encyclopedias.  There are several for this project.  You will need the password montytech1 at home.

If you find that your topic is very narrow and you need to expand your search, this database is our largest.  No home password is needed.

 This database has more scholarly articles and has detailed historical material.  Use montytech1 for login and password at home. 


MLA 8 citations are available for every article.

Ebooks on Chinese Culture can be found here.  Type in your username and password.  Do not type email. Search for China or Chinese.  Then, click on the book and search inside of it for your topic.


  • The Civilization of Ancient China
  • Food and Festivals of China
  • Women in the World of China
  • Exploring the Life, Myth, and Art of Ancient China
  • Art and Architecture of China
  • Ancient China's Myths and Beliefs
  • The Chinese Cultural Revolution
  • The Government of China
  • Who Will Shout If Not Us? Student Activists and the Tiananmen Square protest, China, 1989
  • The Culture of China
  • The Great Wall of China


  • In order to appreciate the culture in The Joy Luck Club, you must first gain a better understanding of the Chinese culture.

  • You may present in pairs for this project; however, EACH PERSON will write their OWN PAPER.
  • Your classwork / homework for academic/shop week 11/22/19-12/8/19 is to complete your research, type a two-page research paper that includes proper MLA formatting, parenthetical documentation, a cover page, and a works cited page.   You will also create a presentation that will help the class learn about your topic in 10-15 minutes.
  • Written projects are due on Wednesday 12/9/19. Presentations will take place 12/10-12/12.



  • 2 page TYPED, MLA research format (at least 3 sources total)
  • Cover Page
  • Works Cited page 
  • Note taking sheet

Oral Presentation:

  • Shows knowledge of the topic(s)
  • Evidence of effort
  • Visual Component (NOT A POSTER)
  • Clear Voice
  • Eye Contact
  • Interesting (WOW factor)
  • Stimulate Discussion
  • 10-15 minutes of presentation

MyBib is a citation manager that provides free citations for MLA, APA, and Chicago style.   Create a new Project, then Add a Citation.  Choose from website, book, journal, video, and more.   If citing a database article, click on More and then Write/Paste.  When you are ready to print your Works Cited or References page, click on Download Bibliography.  Click here for handout. Watch the video!