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Senior Honors Research Paper Assignment: Slugs

What is a slug?

The word "slug" refers to the word that defines your notes.  In the examples to the right, the "slug" would be "euthanasia" or "degregation of women."

Your note card should be in your own words and should explain your slug.

Be sure to write down the source (in this case, "Steinbeck") and the page number if applicable.

Examples of Slugs

Steinbeck                                                                             euthanasia

Carlson is bothered by the smell of Candy’s dog when in the bunkhouse. He tries to persuade Candy to shoot the dog because he’s old and no use anymore. Candy tries to get Slim to support him in not doing it but he agrees with Carlson- it’s the appropriate thing to do.

“He ain’t no good to you, Candy. An’ he ain’t no good to himself.”

“Candy looked helplessly at him, for Slim’s opinions were law.”


Steinbeck                                                                   degradation of women

Candy is explaining to George and Lennie about Curley and Curley’s wife. He explains how they are married but that Curley’s wife acts inappropriately (it’s suggested that she is a major flirt with all the workers). In addition, Candy explains why Curley only wears one glove, the one on his left hand, to keep it soft for his wife.  This illustrates that women are just tools for the needs of men. In addition, she is never referred to by her name- it’s always Curley’s wife.

“You seen that glove on his left hand? Well, that glove’s fulla Vaseline.”

“What the hell for?”

“Well, I tell ya what- Curley says he’s keepin’ that hand soft for his wife.”

George studied the cards absorbedly. “That’s a dirty thing to tell around,” he said.


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