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World History Final Exam: Home

Research Project

Step One:  Choose a topic related to the course material.
Step Two:  Research your topic.  You must use and cite 5 different sources.

2 must be primary sources (first hand accounts, newspapers, diaries, documents).

Finding Primary Sources in Databases

Primary sources are found in books and databases.  The Librarian can help you with our Reference materials.  For database primary sources, try:

World History in Context lists their primary sources on the left side of your results.  ABC-CLIO will state if the item is a primary source under the result.  Also, you can click on the left side of an article for primary sources.

Finding Books and Other Sources

Database recommendations for research:

JSTOR is a scholarly database and may have detailed information about your topic.  It is the only database which requires you to create your own username and password.

To find print and ebooks on your subject, click on the Destiny link below.  For ebooks on your topic, try ABC-CLIO.

Presenting the Material

Choose one of the four methods to present your research:

  1. A three page research paper. 12 point font, typed, double spaced, with a thesis statement
  2. A high school honors level building project. Research must be evident, 3 museum style labels and explanations (no shoebox dioramas)
  3. An annotated bibliography. Summarize and explain the 5 sources related to your topic.  Annotations must be 2-3 paragraphs each and demonstrate understanding of the source.  Hint:  Use!  Type (or copy and paste) your annotation in the space provided.  Your annotated bibliography will come out in perfect MLA style.
  4. Primary source analysis/art analysis.  Analyze (summarize and explain) a minimum of 3 works.  You must provide 3-5 paragraphs of writing for each work.

Subject Guide

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