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Ms. Gerry - Terrorist or Freedom Fighter Project: Terrorist or Freedom Fighter?

The Assignment

Objectives:  You will:

- explore the GVRL Database and choose one “incident” to research.

- examine 3 different database sources about the “incident."

- use Note taking sheets to record details from the 3 database sources.

- create an EasyBib works cited listing the 3 sources.

- write a research paper (2 - 3 pages in length) discussing the “incident”.  As part of your discussion you will explain whether the individual(s) involved are freedom fighters or terrorists.

Click for a Google Doc of the Assignment.

Research Databases

You will conduct research on a "terrorist" attacks.  They can be in or outside of the United States.

Start with the following database to find the attacks:



1.  Search terrorism.
2.  Click on the link for Terrorism: Essential Primary Sources.
3.  Scroll down to the list of the types of terrorism (Anarchist, Political, Insurgent, etc.) and click on the down arrow to browse.
4.  Choose an attack. This will be ONE source.

5.  Copy and paste the name of the attack and put it in the Gale Virtual Reference Library search again.  You may find another article here.
6.  Also search for it in other databases below:


MLA style citations are available for every database article.  On the right, click on Citation Tools.  Click on Easybib to import the citation.

Your research paper must include a well-constructed Thesis/Assertion, outlining your position. It must  provide a brief summary of the event (think about who, what, when, where, why, how).  Use specific details from the sources to support your “Voice” in the paper.

**Remember this paper is written by you!!  I need to hear your “Voice” predominantly, supported by facts from the sources you choose.

**Your essay must include a solid introduction (including your thesis/assertion), supporting details (from the 3 sources chosen), and conclusion to be considered complete.

The Works Cited

You will all need to produce a Works Cited.  Record citations while taking notes. Paraphrase instead of copying word-for-word to avoid plagiarism.