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Ms. Moskowitz - To Kill a Mockingbird: Prezi

Why Use Prezi?

-  An alternative to PowerPoint.
-  Zooming engages viewers.
-  Embed images and video easily.
-  Allows for the presenter to go back, see all the content, then zoom in.
-  Saves on Prezi's server so there's no file to save, no conversion problems.
-  Allows for multiple presenters to work on the Prezi in real time.
-  Need the internet to create and edit, but can save and view offline.

Prezi Directions

Before you start your Prezi, have your research done.  A good rule of thumb is to have the following for each "frame": A Big Idea or Focused Content and a Digital Element.  You will express your big idea with text.  A digital element could be a photo, graphic, or video.

Quick steps:

1. Go to (Chrome browser is most reliable).
2. Click on Get Started - and Continue with Public Presentations.  Enter Monty Tech email and Monty Tech password.
3. Click on New Prezi. WAIT!
4. You will have a choice of templates or a blank page.  After choosing, you will see a frame.  Frames are very important as all content you wish to display must be "framed." Click on the text that's there or double-click to add text.  The icons on the top allow you to add more frames and content such as images, videos, files, a PowerPoint, a shape, or a song as your soundtrack.
5. You can keep the theme or change it by click on Themes. (You can change it later).
6. Double click, add text, and click away.  Click back on the text to move or resize.
7. Let the cursor rest on the right side of the page.  Click on the Home button on the left whenever you feel lost, or wish to view the entire prezi, or make the frames larger or smaller.
8.  You can put frames within frames.  This is helpful sometimes.
10. The image search allows for you to use pictures from Google or your saved files. 
11. The numbers on the side show you the order of your Prezi frames.  You can change these by clicking on Edit Path.  Click and drag these frames to where you wish it to go.  When you're done, click on Edit Path again to get out of it.
12. Click on the present button to see how your Prezi will look.  Note that Prezi autosaves every couple of minutes.  You can change the title of your prezi at any time in the Your Prezis page.

13. Add a collaborator using the following steps: Click on the two people icon at the top of the page, click on Invite to Edit.  Copy the Link. Create an email to your partner and paste the link.  You will then both be able to edit the Prezi together.

14. To print your Prezi, you need to Share and Download PDF while in Edit Mode.  Once downloaded, it will give you your prezi in Adobe Reader.  You can then print. 

Getting Started with Prezi

Subject Guide

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Ms. Mailloux's lesson requirements

Description of animal
Cause of endangerment
Strategies to save the animal
Information about the animal's habitat
Feeding practices
Where the animal is found
Number of animals presently