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Biofuels Webquest: Rethinking Enzymes

Rethinking Enzymes

Enzymes: Life’s Biological Catalysis

The purpose and objective of these lessons are to inspire students to discover a variety of enzymes that are not only fundamental for their healthy lives but also how enzymes are also incredibly useful in many ways.  Enzymes are used daily to make some of our favorite foods to eat and they could also help humanity find possibly alternatives to oil and to help solve future energy demands.  If that not enough, students will discover that their digestion relies on enzymes and they can even tell a women if she pregnant.  How is all this possible?

Designed for inquiry-based learning, these constructivist "Ready-Set-Go" lessons culminate through students' research, lab work, and sharing of efforts.  These lessons on enzymes will reflect a wide range of multidisciplinary skills and insights from not only their work in the lab but their production of digital media.  It is the hope that these lessons will be relevant to the students lives and that through their discovery and experimentation they will extract meaning and enjoyment.  The nature of these lesson are inquiry and hands-on.  The context is also very important part of these lessons.  If the students feel that what they are doing is truly important they will achieve long lasting understanding.

It is important to understand the role of the teacher within this constructivism learning theory.  Instead of giving  lectures teachers should function as a facilitator whose role is to aid the student when it comes to their own understanding.  This will take away the focus from the teacher and  lectures and put it upon the student and their learning.  The hope is that while undertaking these lessons the students will come to their own conclusions instead of being told. It should never be forgotten that the learning and discovery is fun.  So much fun that the student will enjoy the lessons and want to talk about them to their friends and family.  Fun makes the lessons live and grow.

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