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Physics Independent Project: Home

Possible Areas of Study

  • Engineering
  • Transportation (automobiles, aerodynamics, planes, trains etc.)
  • Astrophysics (space sciences)
  • Sound/Acoustics
  • Lasers
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Solar/Alternative Energy
  • Meterology/Climate
  • Medical Instrumentation
  • Food Science
  • Nuclear Science
  • Archaeology (time dating)

Possible Topics

Honors Physics - Current Research Topics

This is an independent research presentation project.  Each participant will sign up for a unique current research effort being pursued by physicists.  Find a project topic that is sufficiently well-published so that a successful presentation can be assembled that contains the following:

  • The purpose of the effort (what is being researched)
  • What is the motivating the effort.
  • The anticipated benefit from the research 
  • Any noteworthy/specific financial backers, organizations, or affiliates
  • Location of the research
  • Sequential events/timeline 
  • Results to date
  • Summary of the data (graphs, charts, etc.)
  • A PowerPoint presentation of the above.
  • Photographs, samples, models, etc.
  • Alternative or opposing views or research (summarized)

Sign-up deadline date is Friday, March 6th.

Each presentation will also have a class question and answer component.  A copy of the PowerPoint slides and citations will also be submitted.

Grade value - one test.

Classroom time can be used for questions and clarifications, however, you will not be spending class time doing research.

Research Databases

Stick to science databases for the majority of your research.  These databases have magazine and journal articles that will provide you with the current research being done in your field. Don't dismiss articles from brief sources like Science News.  This could be a good starting point for details to lead you to full research articles.  

When using Science Reference Center, enter the library's username and password from home: montytech1, montytech1.  Limit your results to Full-text.  Also, click in the boxes to Apply Related Words and Search within the Full-Text of the Articles.   There is also a section called Benchmark, which allows you to search for articles that have been designated "Physical Sciences."  Your results will sort by Relevance automatically.  You can choose to search by Publication Date by changing the drop down menu.


Search within results of both databases.  When using Gale Online, choose Full-Text and Academic Journals on the left side for more scholarly articles.  

Subject Guide

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