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Mrs. Parker - Issues in Adolescence: Home

The Works Cited

You will all need to produce a Works Cited.  Record citations while taking notes. Paraphrase instead of copying word-for-word to avoid plagiarism. 

Use to organize your citations and for the final Works Cited.  Monty Tech has a school account.  Use the "coupon code" to register.

Note Taking Sheet

The Assignment

You and your partner will present a visual display of a social issue (topic from the bucket) for the following:

  • Definition
  • Statistics
  • Causes
  • Preventative measures
  • Results
  • Statistics

Include sources used and make sure it's clear, concise, and aesthetically pleasing. 

Grading: You will receive two homework grades: One from Mrs. Parker and one from a team of judges.  A third grade will be from your peers.  Projects will be graded from best to worst, so do your best.

The Research

You will need at least two sources: one from a research database and one from the internet.

The following database is a good source of information about these topics:

Internet sources such as Yahoo and are not acceptable.  Please try the following reputable sources instead:

National Institute of Mental Health, WebMD, Mayo Clinic, MedicineNet, The New York Times, National Alliance on Mental Illness

Subject Guide

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