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Genocide Presentation Project: Genocide

Order of Google Slides

- Genocide Name
- Background Info (map)
- What Happened? When? Who was involved?
- Why did it happen?
- Slide(s) of Interesting Facts, Quotes, etc. (at least 2)
- Reflection: Why Is This Important?
- Works Cited

Pictures are very important, but due to the graphic nature of some of what you will find, please use restraint in order to not traumatize people in your audience.

Student Example.

Possible Genocides to Research

Idi Amin in Uganda
Tibet in China
King Leopold II of Belgium in the Congo
Tribes of Darfur in the Sudan
Muslims of Bosnia
Tutsis of Rwanda
Armenians of Turkey
Papa Doc Duvalier in Haiti
Liberia and President Doe
Japan in World War II (Manchuria or Nanking)
East Timor and Indonesia
Biafra, Nigeria
Pinochet in Chili
Pol Pot in Cambodia

Note Taking Sheet

Note-Taking Sheet.  Click File and Make a Copy.

The Assignment

You will research a specific genocide and then create a Google Slides presentation, which you will connect and reflect upon when reading The Book Thief or Maus.  You will be working in groups for this project.

Documentation of Research:

  • Research notes from at least 4 reputable sources (at least one database).
  • Works Cited: This will be the last slide of your presentation.  Go to and click on copy & paste Bibliography.  

Google Slides Presentation:

  • Uses Google Slides as visual
  • Shows knowledge of assigned genocide
  • Evidence of effort
  • Clear Voice
  • Eye Contact
  • Interesting (WOW factor)
  • 4 -5 minutes of presentation

The Research

Recommended Sources of Information
You will need FOUR reputable sources of information for this project.  (At least one database).


We have a Gale eBook:  Encyclopedia of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity


Subject Guide

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