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Trade Topic Controversies: Home


  • Minimum of 5 pages TYPED. Times New Roman, 12 pt. 1" margins, Double Spaced.
  • Correctly formatted cover page
  • Correctly formatted outline
  • A Works Cited that consists of a MINIMUM of 4 sources.

Basic Requirements

A solution to a real-world problem that is connected to your trade

  • You will need to first research the problems facing your chosen trade.  This may involve talking to people in the business.  Once you have decided on the problem you will attempt to solve, you will need to research failed methods and trials.  Ultimately you will need to develop a solution to the problem that you believe will work.  Your paper should clearly state your proposed solution to the problem.  

  • Your solution to the problem will drive your research as well as your paper.  It will become your thesis; your entire paper should support your thesis.



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