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Green Architecture: Green Architecture


Your final project must contain the following FULL pages:

  • Title Page
  • Description of Green Architecture
  • 5 Separate Green Product Pages
  • College Page with 3 Programs
  • Company Page with 4 Companies Described
  • Personal Response Page
  • MLA Style Citation Page


Monday: Video

Tuesday: Video

Wednesday: Research Assignment

Thursday: Research Assignment

Friday: Research Assignment

Sources for the Project

Description of Green Architecture

Try this Reference ebook from Gale Virtual Reference Library for descriptions (use montytech1 at home).

When searching for PRODUCTS, think of the many keywords that are used to find similar information:

  • green, eco-friendly, sustainable, environmental
  • architecture, construction
  • products, materials

Product Ideas: Try this launching spot.  

EcoBuilding's list of 9 sites for Eco Construction Products

Then go to Building Materials, or something that has to do with Construction.  (My favorite is Cradle 2 Cradle). You can then Google the products listed to find more information.  

Use Naviance to search for COLLEGES:

Use 01420 for the zip code and your MT email and password to log in.  
Once you are logged in, click on the link below:  OR

  1. Colleges: College Search
  2. Majors.  Browse the Categories.
  3. Choose Architecture and Related Services
  4. Environmental Design/Architecture

When searching for companies, try this starting point:  or you can add the word LEED certified to any of these words in Google or the Library's Vocational Database:

retail stores








corporate offices



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