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World War II Annotated Bibliography: Home

Scrible for Works Cited

Use the Google Chrome Extension, Scrible for your Works Cited.

Click for a video on how to use Scrible.

Click for a video on how to register for Scrible and the Google-Docs Add-on, Scrible Writer.

PDFs of the Assignment

What is an annotated bibliography?  It's a list of citations of sources followed by a brief description and evaluation.  Your evaluation will inform the reader off the relevance, accuracy, and quality of the source cited.  Annotations should be approximately 60 words.

The Game Plan

Step One: Find a general article about your topic in a book or database such as World History in Context or ABC-CLIO.   You may also use the web, but be sure that there is an author listed with his or her credentials.  This will serve as your first secondary source.

Step Two: Find at least three primary sources.

Step Three: Find at least two other secondary sources.  You will need SIX sources total.

Step Four: Using the template from Classroom, paste your citations (either from Scrible or the database). Write your citations underneath (see Page Two PDF to the left for examples).  Finish with your research question at the bottom.

Sources to help you research

Three Primary sources:  A primary source must be created during the time period.  Includes letters, government documents, diary entries, posters, photographs, newspaper articles of the time. 

- Type your topic in Google with the words: primary source.  (Ex: Valkyrie primary source). Some websites have included copies of newspaper articles. 

- Try Use World at War and click in the box(s) for Documents on the left. Login and Password at home is montytech1 - montytech1

- Try  Search and click on Primary Sources to see all of them.

Three Secondary sources: These are created after the time period.  They analyze primary sources and the events, usually offering a perspective based on the author's theories.  Includes scholarly journals (written by scholars, historians), magazine articles, newspaper articles in which the author has had time to reflect. These also include reference articles in encyclopedias.  Try these:


 has scholarly articles as well as primary and secondary sources.  .  Login and Password at home is montytech1 - montytech1


Here's a Google Doc with the template of the Annotated Bibliography.


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