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Monty Tech Faculty Office Hours During Remote Closure: Office Hours

Remote Closure Office Hours for Faculty and Staff

Period Time Blocks

Periods start at the following times:
1 -  7:51
2 -  8:34
3 -  9:17
4 -  10:00
5b - 10:43    Note: If booking for  
5a - 11:09    5a/6a or 5b/6b

6b - 11:26    click in more than one box
6a - 11:52    to avoid conflicts.

7 -  12:35
8 - 1:18
9 - 2:01 

Book the Library, Smart Room or Lab 160

Directions for Faculty and Staff:  During the Closure, please send the Librarian, Mrs. Jourdain an email with the following information to inform the faculty, staff, and students of the time for your Zoom or Google Meet class.  It will be added to the schedule depending on the Grade.

Times: Beginning and approximate end.
Period or Section if applicable


For when we reopen:
- Click on the button for Library, Smart Room, Lab160 above and pick a date.
- Choose your space and times (Scroll for SmartRoom and PC160). Enter the info. You will receive a confirmation email.  In this email, you can also cancel your times. To see bookings, click on the Confirmed Bookings box on the Bookings home page. See box on the left for information regarding period times.

See video for directions, side box for period times.



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