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Mr. Zibel: Analyzing Holden Caulfield: Home

Note Sheet

Click and download this notes sheet . Go to File and Make a copy.  Take notes from this reputable source. Use this password at home: montytech1

The Assignment & Timeline

Here is the entire assignment sheet.

5/21- Group research for disorder and sharing of information and assignment explanation.
5/22- Finish group research for disorder and sharing of information (if applicable/time).
5/23-5/24- Research
5/25- Minimum of ______  typed hard copy “hamburger buns” due at BEGINNING of period.
6/4 - Final exam review; finalize information for project. 
6/6- For periods 5/6 and 8/9 assignment due at beginning of class-(no printing when you come to class). 
6/7 - For period 1/2 assignment due at beginning of class-(no printing when you come to class). 

The Assignment

Step 1: Read about and listen to the possible disorders Holden could have experienced. Take notes in Google sheet (left) on each (major components and/or differences).

  • Major Depression
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) 
  • Anxiety Disorder 

Step 2: Based on the symptoms and signs in the research, determine which disorder he is most likely suffering from (determined by your research and listening) and then take additional notes on the one disorder. 
Step 2A: Create a properly formatted works cited page.
Step 3: When you are certain about how you would diagnose Holden and thought about why, construct a thesis statement draft.
Step 4: Pull specific examples from the novel that support your diagnosis. 
Step 5: Create an introduction for the paper with your thesis as the last sentence of the introduction. 
Step 6: Create a minimum of ____ “hamburger buns” using your examples from the novel and the research of your diagnosis.  
Note: You are not writing a complete paper!

Other Particulars

  • Assignments that do not include a works cited page will not be scored (see the school policy on plagiarism) and you will be given a zero for the assignment.
  • The completion of each part will count towards your term 4 grade (homework grades as well as part of the final grade for the assignment) - so I will be checking in on your progress.
  • Be sure to use a formal academic tone (no “I”).
  • You are not writing a COMPLETE paper. You are only writing an introduction with a thesis and creating a minimum of ____ “hamburger buns” to prove diagnosis. 

Creating the Works Cited

You can use Scrible  to keep track of your source material.  At least one of these sources should be from the GVRL database.  You may also use a website or two.  Use Scrible to create the citation. You can use the ADD-ON in docs to create the Works Cited.  If you choose to copy and paste your citations instead, follow the TADI procedure (See the MLA 8 tab above).  Your Works Cited must look like the example provided.  Paste in the citation for the book.  This is how you should cite the book The Catcher in the Rye:

Salinger, J. D. The Catcher in the Rye. Little, Brown, 1951.