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Genocides Project Using Storyboard That: Home

Possible genocides/events to research

1915: Armenia
1975: Cambodia
1990: Rwanda
1995: Bosnia
2003: Darfur
Throughout U.S. History: Native Americans
The Apartheid in South Africa: 1948-1990

Sources for Research


Complete Google Doc Assignment with Rubric

Directions: To conclude our unit of study on Maus, you are going to research another genocide/event of systematic racism in history (anywhere, anytime) and create a storyboard project to convey the key information (who, what, where, when, how).

You must cite your research both in-text (summaries or speech bubbles) and on a Works Cited page. You must use at least two sources.

Your storyboard must be at least six cells. All creative decisions are up to you.

“Storyboard That” instructions:

  • Go to
  • Start a FREE TRIAL account if you do not already have one
  • Click “Create a storyboard”
  • For layout, select “Title, Cell, and Description”
  • You will be given 3 cells to start, click ADD CELLS and select 3x2 to create 6 total boxes.
  • HIT SAVE FREQUENTLY: You will lose your work should the wifi cut out, your chromebook die, etc. between save points.
  • Print in landscape.
  • If you would like to print in color, either print at home or visit Graphics (with adequate notice!) to print for you.

This will be a TEST GRADE evaluated on the rubric below:

DUE: Friday, June 15th printed (landscape) before class
10 points will be deducted for projects submitted without the rubric

Creating the Works Cited

You can use Scrible  to keep track of your source material.  At least one of these sources should be from the GVRL database.  You may also use a website or two.  Use Scrible to create the citation. You can use the ADD-ON in docs to create the Works Cited.  If you choose to copy and paste your citations instead, follow the TADI procedure (See the MLA 8 tab above).  Your Works Cited must look like the example provided.  Paste in the citation for the book.  


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