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7 Times in History Activism Project: Home

MyBib is a citation manager that provides free citations for MLA, APA, and Chicago style.   Create a new Project, then Add a Citation.  Choose from website, book, journal, video, and more.   If citing a database article, click on More and then Write/Paste.  When you are ready to print your Works Cited or References page, click on Download Bibliography.  Click here for handout. Watch the video!

Notes Sheet

Log into your Google Drive Account first.  Click here, then File and Make a Copy.

  • Use the left side for your topic and subtopics.
  • Use the center for your notes.  You may number, bullet, or type in complete sentences!
  • Use the bottom box for your citation.

Note: A great practice is to print them and cut them into boxes when you write your paper!

Project Steps

Step One: Read the article "7 Times in History When Students Turned to Activism" from The New York Times. Focus on one of the seven (or find your own). Write a summary of the event. Explain why it was or was not effective in achieving a goal. 

Step Two: Research a social/political/environmental issue of your choosing

Try the following site:

When searching online, be sure to choose sources that are the least biased (left-center or right-center is OK) for most accurate information.  You can check your source in this site:

Then ask yourself these questions:

  • What issues do you care about and why?
  • What changes so you want to see happen in your school, community, state, the country or event the world?
  • Research the issues, write your assertion on the topic, and back up your opinion/assertion with examples. State your case.
  • This piece will be at least one ten-sentence paragraph long. But depending on your next step, it could be longer. 

Please include a Works Cited for where you found all your information. Use to keep track of your citations and print the Works Cited.

Produce a Product: How will you take action? Decide on a plan of action for your cause. Here is a list of possible options for you to choose.

  • Engage with lawmakers
  • Use social media
  • Create a petition
  • Raise money
  • Create a school or city event
  • Volunteer
  • Engage the press
  • Advocate to those in power to change rules or legislation
  • Write an editorial
  • Plan a protest or other act of civil disobedience
  • Educate others
  • Start a program to solve problems
  • Write a letter to your senator or representative
  • Build a website

You will need to provide a "Plan of Action" and demonstrate your idea. Be creative. Be engaged.  You may:

  • Write a letter
  • Draft a proposal for an event
  • Create a brochure to teach/empower others, etc. 

EXTRA CREDIT: For extra credit you may present your project/research to the class. You may also take your project to the next level by following through with your idea (example: Prove that you volunteered, send out letters, get your editorial published, etc.)

This Project will count as Two Test Grades and will replace the Binder Check for Third Quarter.