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The Most Dangerous Game Research Presentation: Home

Note Taking Sheet

Note-Taking Sheet.  Click File and Make a Copy.

The Assignment

On day one, you will pick one topic from the list below and look up that topic in the database below it (just search bolded word).

You'll take notes on day one in the Note-taking sheet, and be sure to copy and paste the database citation.  

On day two, we will create an interactive picture in and use your notes to enter information.

We will review the interactive pictures as the end of class!  View this example for ideas:


Suggested Topics and Databases:

Caribbean Sea

Cossack People
Borsch (Russian Beet Soup)



  • Click on the Note-Taking Sheet.  Click on File and Make a Copy
  • Take notes on your topic and paste the citation in the bottom box.

Step 1:  Go to and register.  Create an interactive image.  

Step 2: Find a picture in Google that relates to your topic.  Save it and upload to

Step 3: Use your notes and create interactive elements onto the image.


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