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Taliban Research Project for the Kite Runner: Rubric


Component #1: Content and Language
Content, cohesion, synthesis, organization, and development will be assessed using a regular AP Essay rubric (on a 0-6 scale).                             
 /100 points 
Component #2: Writing Process and MLA 8 Standards
Each component will be labeled with a number from 0-5 (5= exemplary, 4= proficient, 3= needs improvement, 2-1= unsatisfactory/incomplete, 0= not attempted).
______ 12 pt. Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins, and a proper running header
______ An assertive and original title (the title of your paper should relate to your main assertion)
______ At least five parenthetically cited pieces of evidence
______ At least three parenthetically cited quotations
______ At least 4 pages in length (Topic Development)
______ A work cited page (on its own page) with at least three alphabetized sources
______ A work cited page with double spacing and proper indentations
______ Research Notes (X2= DOUBLE POINTS)
______ Organized Outline
/100 Points
Total Score=