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Genetic Disorders: Genetic Disorders

The Research

Use the Gale Virtual Reference Library to investigate possible disorders.   Search with as few words as possible. There is no password needed at home.  The best source for this project is the Encyclopedia of Genetic Disorders.  Use this Doc to take notes (optional).

Also, use your web searching skills to find information using Google. Valid websites include those designed for patients and families with the disorder, as well as educational, and government sponsored websites.  If you are unsure, please check with your teacher.

The Assignment

A genetic disorder is a disease caused by a different form of a gene (variation) or an alteration of a gene (mutation). Some disorders occur randomly or because of an environmental exposure such as cigarette smoke.  Other genetic disorders are inherited.

A mutated gene may be passed down through a family and each generation of children can inherit the gene that causes the disease. Still other genetic disorders are due to problems with the number of packages of genes called chromosomes.  Genetic testing can be done to determine if your baby might be affected.

A full Google Doc of the assignment is available here. Note: you must be logged into your Google Drive for Monty Tech to access.

A template for creating the Google Slides is available here.

Here is a list of some common genetic disorders:

Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency        Alzheimer’s Disease

Breast Cancer                Colon Cancer

Cri Du Chat Syndrome            Cystic Fibrosis

Down Syndrome                Fragile X Syndrome

Hemophilia                    Huntington’s Disease

Klinefelter Syndrome            Krabbe Disease

Marfan Syndrome                Parkinson Disease

Phenylketonuria (PKU)            Progeria

Sickle Cell Disease            Skin Cancer

Tay-Sachs                    Trisomy (8, 13, or 18)

Turner's Syndrome                Wilson Disease

Information needed

The following should be answered during the course of your research.  Use this to structure your Google Slides:

  • Title page – Name of disorder, your full name and class section (5 pts)

  • Description – Overview of the disorder.  Describe / explain what it is.  How many people are affected by it (incidence)?  Interesting facts!  (25 pts)

  • Cause – Identify the specific cause (the chromosome, gene, and protein).  Also, what environmental factors may contribute or trigger this disorder?  (20 pts)

  • Diagnosis / symptoms – How do you know you have it?  What are the signs?  (10 pts)

  • Prevention / Treatment / Cure – Can it be prevented?  If so, how can we avoid it?  Any treatment available? Is there a known cure?  (10 pts)

  • Sources – Identify multiple sources of information (database citations, links, etc).  (10 pts)

    Note: You will also be assessed on the quality (depth of content, creativity, and professionalism) of your presentation.  This will be worth 20 points!

Subject Guide

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