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Ms. Moskowitz - To Kill a Mockingbird: To Kill a Mockingbird

The Assignment

Monday: Begin Research

Tuesday: Finish Research

Wednesday/Thursday: Work on visual presentation

You may work in pairs for this project; however, each person must write their OWN

1. Research notes
2. Outline with a thesis statement
MLA Works Cited page

Written Research Notes Sheets

Notes should be hand written.  You must use at least 3 sources.  For full credit three sources must be from databases.  You are required to hand these in with your presentation.  Click for printable sheet:

Research Databases

In order to learn more about the time period of the novel (1933-1935), you will study an area of interest and present this to the class.

Topics List:

  • Role of women in the 1930s (and in the south).*
  • Education of African Americans during the 1930s (and in the South)
  • Brown v Board of Education: A Landmark Case and Its Impact on Education Rights
  • Plessy v Ferguson: A Landmark Case and Its Impact on “Separate but Equal”
  • The Black Church: The Rise of the Church in the Southern Black Community
  • Jim Crow Laws: Their History, Guiding Policies, and the Impact on African Americans
  • Lynching and Lynch Mobs: Citizen Enforcement of Jim Crow Laws

You must use at least three different sources.  For full credit on the rubric, three sources must be from databases:

Suggested Database Sources:


*You may want to try searching for "Southern Belle" or "Great Depression and women"

Prezi or Glog?

In addition to typical Presentation in Google Docs or PowerPoint, you can use Prezi or Glogster to create unique presentations!  Click on the tabs above for directions and examples.

Oral Presentation:

  • Shows knowledge of the topic(s)
  • Evidence of effort
  • Visual Component (Do not make a poster: think about a Prezi or Glog)
  • Clear voice
  • Eye contact
  • Interestering (WOW factor)
  • Stimulate Discussion
  • 3-5 minutes of presentation
  • 2 minutes of disussion

Writing Requirements

Include a heading on your outline:

Your name

Mrs. Moskowitz

English 10 CP4

January 8, 2016

Center the Title for the Outline

Thesis: Here you will type the MAIN IDEA of your paper

The outline is a road map to your paper (if you were to write one).  Follow the example provided.

Subject Guide

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