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Argentina's Dirty War: Argentina's Dirty War


The Assignment

La Guerra Sucia - Argentina's Dirty War (1976-1983)

Research your topic in the Library.   Your group will create a Google Presentation and present on Monday. One of you will create the presentation and sharing it with the group.  The one who creates the presentation will share it with Classroom.

The Stolen Babies Cases

  • What was the process in which the babies were stolen?  
  • Who stole these babies? Why?
  • What happened to the parents of these babies?
  • How were the babies found?
  • Who is Francisco Madariaga? – What is his story?
  • Recently found stolen babies - what are their stories?
  • To this date, how many cases have been resolved?

New Yorker Article on Stolen Babies
Gale Virtual Reference Library: World of Forensic Science
Gale Online: Independent
Gale World Issues in Context: Globe & Mail
BBC Story about Franicisco Madariaga
Guardian Story about Jorgelina Molina Planas

Jorge Rafael Videla

  • What was his political position?
  • When was he in power?
  • What was in role in the Dirty War?
  • Explain his life after the war ended. What happened to him?

Biography in Context: Encyclopedia of World Biography
ABC-CLIO: World History: The Modern Era
Biography in Context: New York Times Obituary

Juan Peron

  • Who was he?
  • What were his different military and political positions? When did he hold each of them?
  • What was the public’s opinion of him?
  • What was his relationship with Eva Perón?
  • What did he do for the country of Argentina?

Biography in Context: Dictionary of Hispanic Biography
ABC-CLIO: World History: The Modern Era
Biography in Context: New York Times

Eva Peron

  • Who was she?
  • Why was she important to the country of Argentina?
  • What was the public's opinion of her?
  • What legacies has she left behind?
  • What representations of her are currently in the country?
  • What happened to her body after she died?

ABC-CLIO: World History: The Modern Era
Biography in Context: Dictionary of Hispanic Biography
Biography in Context: New York Times
Biography in Context: Washington Times

Las Madres de la Plaza de Mayo

  • Who are they?  Why does their group exist?   
  • How did this group start?
  • What do they do?
  • What is the significance of the white scarves?
  • Jueves in La plaza de mayo – what happens and when?
  • Find specific madres/abuelas that are invoved in this movement- what are their stories?

ABC-CLIO: World History the Modern Era
Global Issues in Context: Canadian Dimension
Global Issues in Context: New Internationalist
Gale Online: National Catholic Reporter

Video link:

Detention Camps

  • How many existed?                                  
  • What happened at the camps?
  • Was the public aware of their existence? Are they currently aware they existed?
  • Who was killed?                           
  • Where are the camps located? (include map)
  • What is left of them today?
  • How did people know there were detention camps at the time?   
  • Names of a few detention centers:

            - Escuela de Suboficiales de Mecánica de la Armada (ESMA)
            - Automotores Orletti
            - Camp de Mayo

Gale Online: New York Times (Buenos Aires)
Gale Online: Herald (Automotores Orletti)
Gale Online: New Zealand Herald (Automotores Orletti)
World Issues in Context : Interpress Service (ESMA)
Gale Online: Newsweek (ESMA)
Official Website for the Remembrance and Human Rights Centre


Memorials that Exist Today

  • What are they?             
  • Who visits them?
  • Parque de la Memoria (has a website)
  • What similar memorials/landmarks do we have in the U.S.? 
  • Investigate the detention center Olimpo and see what they have that memorializes who was held there.

Memory in Latin America Blogspot
Official site Parque de la Memoria

U.S. Involvement

  • Operation CONDOR
  • Henry Kissinger                  
  • U.S. and Russia Conflict (capitalist vs. communism)
  • Escuela de las americas
           -Where was this?
           -What did they do there?    
  • Why would it benefit us as a country?
  • What is your opinion on our involvement? 

ABC-CLIO: Operation Condor

Gale Online: Washington Times
Gale Online: Operation Condor

World History in Context: Operation Condor
Gale Online: Kissinger and Argentina's Dirty War
Gale Online: Kissinger Had a Hand in Argentina's Dirty War
Escuela de las Americas

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