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Mr. Gately - Freshmen Shakespeare Research Paper: Home


Day One:

- Quick overview of the LibGuide
- Using ebooks and print books
- Overview of Research Databases
- Taking notes with the note taking sheet

Day Two:

- Continue notes


The Assignment

You will write a 2 page research paper (not including the Title Page).  You will need at least THREE sources for this paper.  At least two of them should be a database article, a print book or an ebook.

Possible topics around health in the Elizabethan Era (also known as the English Renaissance) are as follows:.

  • Hygiene
  • Sickness
  • Medicine
  • Food and drink
  • Sanitation
  • Diseases


1. Print Books and Ebooks:  There are print books on our cart for you to use.  They are on reserve, but pages can be copied if needed.  The Library subscribes to electronic books (or ebooks). Click and enter your Monty Tech username and password

Type Plague or Elizabethan to find the right books. Click to open. Then, search more keywords inside the book.

2. DatabasesSuggested keywords: Plague, Bubonic plague, black death, diseases, hygiene, Elizabethan era, English Renaissance 

ABC-CLIO: A Social Studies Database.  The montytech1 password is needed at home. Review the databases: World History, The Modern Era and Daily Life Through History.  


World History in Context is a Social Studies database.  No password is needed at home. 

Shakespeare and Elizabethan Era Webpages & Search Engine

With any website, note the following:

  • Authority - WHO wrote it?  WHAT is their experience/education?
  • Currency - WHEN was this written?  Does it matter?
  • Coverage - Is this ENOUGH information?  Does it relate to your topic?
  • Objectivity - WHY was this written?  Does it seem biased or slanted?

Websites have been hand-selected based on criteria above.  Please use the search engine below for better results based on RELEVANCY, not popularity.

Paper Requirements

  • Typed - Times New Roman - double-spaced, Size 12 - 1" margins
  • Title page, body of paper is 2 pages, and Works Cited page (last page)
  • Staple in upper left corner. No plastic or cardboard cover/folder

The title page must have the following:

Your name:    
Date of project:   
Title of project:                
Class period:       
Teacher name: 

Research/Essential Question/Thesis Organizer:

This optional note-taking packet will help you focus your research by providing space for your topics andsubtopics, your essential question,  your thesis, and notes! There is also an optional organizer to help you form your paragraphs.

Subject Guide

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