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Cosmetology Senior Project: Links

Video Demonstration

Interactive Images:

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Why Use

- An alternative to Google Slides.
- Easy registration.
- Create a link to view, share, or post in Classroom or Schoology
- Different formats engage viewers.
- Load images and video easily.
- Saves on their server so there's no file to save, no conversion problems.
- Allows for multiple collaborators (but must sign off in order for others to sign on).
- Editor also in Spanish and French.

Subject Guide

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Jennifer Jourdain
Montachusett Regional Voc Tech School
1050 Westminster Street
Fitchburg, MA 01420
(978) 345-9200 x5125
Website Directions allows you to create stunning online content such as presentations, infographics, interactive images, and games with interactivity and animation effects. This all-in-one creation tool allows you to design like a graphic designer and insert youtube videos, google maps, audios, etc. into your creations.

Step One: Register.  Go to and Create Your Free Account.  Click on the Continue with Google button.  Choose Student or Teacher and Secondary Education.

Step Two: Create. Choose a presentation, interactive image, game, dossier, review, infographic, timeline, etc.  To see all the options, click on Create and then scroll through the left sidebar. Note: The gold STAR ones are from the premium account.  Click in the bubble to filter FREE ones. 

Step Three: Use the Main Menu:  All productions use the same menu on the left. 

  • Interactive elements are little icons that you can make interactive. When you see the little hand, click on it.  It will open a box.  Enter text to make a "tool tip" or a "window."
  • A button will let you enter text. Title is for a title or the paragraph of text. 
  • Image allows you to upload an image from your computer. You can also make any image interactive.
  • Resources are graphics that are part of the program (these can also be interactive). 
  • SmartBlocks are mostly graphs and diagrams that you can reuse. 
  • Insert allows you put in video, audio links, and Google docs. 
  • Pick a background.  Some are animated!  Click on Pages to add/navigate pages in your presentation.  

Step Four: Save and Share. Click on ALL SET! to publish.  Publish public (FREE version).  Click on Present to view.  THIS is the link you want to share.  It must have VIEW in the URL.  You can now post your Genially link in Google Classroom.  Note: If ALL SET! is not there, go back to your dashboard, click on your project, then the three dots, and Publish.

You can add collaborators by person with the plus symbol.  Note: Editors must log off before others can log on. Click on the Eyeball to preview. 

You can embed these!

Standard Online Presentation Rubric

Anyone at Monty Tech can view, file, and make a copy of this generic ONLINE PRESENTATION RUBRIC.  It suits most needs for all presentation material.

Vocational Teachers

For Vocational Teachers: Use to address Vocational Frameworks for Strand 4.
Lesson Plan Ideas:

  1. Research careers in their trade and create an interactive image or presentation with graphics, text, and video.
  2. Present material in a timeline, an interactive image, presentation, or a review game for other students.
  3. Review a professional journal article and develop an interactive image or presentation that summarizes the article that they will then present to the class.
  4. Predict the future of the trade or create a timeline of the past.

Academic Teachers

Lesson Plan ideas:


  1. Present research around the time period of the novel
  2. Create a book review, character analysis, report
  3. Describe a literary device or scene 
  4. Create a review game for students

Social Studies:

  1. Create a timeline or presentation to explore one aspect of history (wars, social issues, etc.)
  2. Research your trade through a historical period
  3. Describe a world religion or government
  4. Examine human or civil rights


  1. Describe a science experiment
  2. Present a scientific process or animal 
  3. Discover how your trade relates to science
  4. Create an infographic of a topic

Foreign Language:

  1. Explore a culture or country
  2. Examine an important figure or time periods in a different country


  1. Explain a mathematical process
  2. Present how math relates to every day life
  3. How a trade relates to math
  4. Create an infographic with statistics