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Cosmetology Senior Project: Minerva Beauty's Floor Planner

Floorplanner Google App

Use Minerva Beauty's Floor Planner to lay out your salon.  

1. Go to and Launch the Planner.

2. Pick a template (or create from scratch) OR click on Login to retrieve a saved plan.

3. To add Salon-style furnishings, click on the Products tab and the down arrow for categories. 

4. Add new rooms with the "wall" icon and doors under the Symbols tab and Structural.

5. The "Photo Tool" will allow you to import pictures if you wish.

5. When you Save, it will ask you to register.  This is free!  You need only fill out the boxes on the LEFT.

6. To save OR print, click on PRINT and Save as PDF.  Note that Minerva will provide you with a price list of all of their equipment, which is very long.  In order to just have the floor plan, uncheck all the boxes except for Include Photo Pages.

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