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Terrorism or Freedom Fighter: Terrorist or Freedom Fighter?

The Assignment


  • Pick one terrorist event, research, and fill out the 5W and 1H form.
  • More research if necessary (minimum of two sources).
  • Create an introduction with thesis assertion as the last sentence.
  • Provide specific examples within your supporting paragraphs to support your claim.
  • Include a Works Cited page.
  • Follow established timeline.
  • Refer to this libguide on MTs library website.
  • Think critically about a serious topic.

Timeline of Events

Terrorist or Freedom Fighters 

Assignment given out with parameters explained/discussed. 

  • Event topic and 5Ws and IH handout due with source of information for it.
  • First draft of thesis assertion due (hard copy).
  • Sources due at beginning of the period via a works cited (hard copy). and handout with information to be utilized from the sources. 
  • Outline due at beginning of period (hard copy).
  • Typing of first draft using only the outline. 
  • Peer review of first draft (End of term 1- egads!!).
  • Revised second draft due at beginning of period (hard copy).
  • Final paper due by beginning of period- no exceptions.

Google Docs of Note Sheet

Log into your Google Drive Account first.  Click here, then File and Make a Copy.

  • Use the left side for your topic and subtopics.
  • Use the center for your notes.  You may number, bullet, or type in complete sentences!
  • Use the bottom box for your citation.

Note: A great practice is to print them and cut them into boxes when you write your paper!

Terrorist or Freedom Fighter? Groups and Individuals to Examine

Suggestions from the Past:

  • The Weather Underground - 1970s U.S. Government Bombings
  • Irish Republican Army (IRA) 1972  Bloody Sunday, Bloody Friday
  • Quebec Liberation Front - 1970 October Crisis 
  • Puerto Rican Nationalists - 1975 New York City Bombing
  • Zapatistas - 1994 Overthrow in Mexico
  • Black September - 1972 Munich Olympics
  • Lockerbie Bombing - 1988 in Scotland

More Current Instances:

  • Chechnya and Russia - 2002 Moscow Theater Hostage Crisis
  • Islamic State (ISIS) - 2015 Paris attacks, 2015 Ankara, Turkey
  • Al-Shabaab - 2013 Westgate Shopping Mall Attack, Nairobi, Africa
  • Earth Liberation Front or Animal Liberation Front - various actions

Research Databases

Choose one terrorist group and/or event and make a decision if the people involved are/were terrorists or freedom fighters. Research and find items that support your idea. Take proper notes and document the source of information (minimum of 2). You have to use the databases available via the MT library.

You must have a thesis assertion as the last sentence of your introduction. The introduction must provide a brief summary of the event (perhaps the  five W’s and one H- {who, what, where, when, why, and how}. Make sure you provide specific examples within your paper to support your answer. Lastly, don’t forget your works cited page to avoid plagiarism.

Use the following databases to find information about the attack:


MLA style citations are available for every database article.  On the right, click on Citation Tools.  Click on Easybib to import the citation.