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History of Hair and Makeup: Prezi

Prezi Links

Start here for some great examples:

Example #1: Coca Cola Company

Example #2: Martin Luther King Jr.

Why Use Prezi?

-  An alternative to PowerPoint.
-  Zooming engages viewers.
-  Embed images and video easily.
-  Allows for the presenter to go back, see all the content, then zoom in.
-  Saves on Prezi's server so there's no file to save, no conversion problems.
-  Allows for multiple presenters to work on the Prezi in real time.
-  Need the internet to create and edit, but can save and view offline.

Prezi Directions

Before you start your Prezi, have all of your research done and your digital media ready to go.  A good method is to have the following for each "frame": A Big Idea or Focused Content and a Digital Element.  You will express your big idea or focused content with text.  A digital element is a photo, graphic, or video.

Quick steps:

1. Go to
2. Sign Up (Choose the free plan). Note there are different ways to register.  Students can use for free.
3. Choose a presentation.  Click on a Prezi Template and title it.
4. Topics are very important as all content you wish to display must be in a "topic." Click on the text that's there or double-click to add text.  The icons on the top allow you to add more frames and content such as images, videos, files, a PowerPoint, or a shape.
5. You can keep the theme or change it by click on Style. You can 
6. Double click, add text, and click away.  Click back on the text. 
7. Let the cursor rest on the right side of the page.  Click on the Home button on the left whenever you feel lost, or wish to view the entire prezi, or make the frames larger or smaller.
8.  You can put topics within topics. The image search allows for you to use pictures from Google or your files.  You need the URL for the YouTube video to embed in Prezi.
9. The numbers on the side show you the order of your Prezi frames.  You can change these by clicking on Edit Path and then clicking on a frame.  You can click and drag these numbers too, OR move the frames on the left side panel.  When you're done, click on Edit Path again to get out of it.
9. Click on the show button to see how your Prezi will look.  Note that Prezi autosaves every couple of minutes.
10. Add a collaborator using the following steps: Click on the two people icon at the top of the page, click on Invite to Edit.  Copy the Link. Create an email to your partner and paste the link.  You will then both be able to edit the Prezi together.


Note: To add music you must add a YouTube video off to the side of your PreziDo NOT add it to your path or take it off if it does it automatically. When you are ready to present, click on Home for the entire screen.  Click the YouTube song to Play. Then click on the Play button to start your Prezi.  When you are finished, click on the Home button, and stop the YouTube video.  This is by far, the easiest way to add music.

Getting Started with Prezi

Performance Indicators for Strand 6

(Technology Literacy Knowledge and Skills):

  • Learn features of an online program and solve problems (6.A.01.01).
  • Apply advanced formatting and layout features to improve appearance (6.A.01.04).
  • Describe and use safe and appropriate practices when participating in online communities (6.A.03.05)
  • Devise and demonstrate strategies for efficiently collecting and organizing information from electronic sources (6.A.04.01).
  • Use a variety of media to present information for specific purposes, citing sources (6.A.04.04).
  • Demonstrate how the use of various techniques and effects can be used to convey meaning in media (6.A.04.05).

Academic Teachers

Lesson Plan ideas:

Research projects around the time period of the novel.
Book Reviews/Trailers
Describe a literary device or movement

Social Studies:

Exploration of one aspect of history (Wars, social issues, etc.)
How a trade relates to history
Describe a world religion or government
Examine human or civil rights

Description of a science experiment
Exploration of a scientific process
Animal project
How a trade relates to science

Foreign Language:
Explore a culture or country
Examine an important figure or time periods in a different country

Show how math relates to every day life
How a trade relates to math

Vocational Teachers

For Vocational Teachers: Address common Vocational Frameworks for Strand 4 and Strand 6.

Lesson Plan Ideas to address Performance Indicators for Strand 4
(Employability Knowledge and Skills): 

1. Students research careers in their trade and create a Prezi with graphics, text, and video (4.A.01).

2. Students review a professional journal, choose an article, and develop a glog that summarizes the article that they will then present to the class (4.A.02).