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Honors 1920s Synthesis Paper: Home

Instructions for Citing a Primary Source Found on a Website

Original Author. "Original Title of Document." Original Print Publication Title in italics, Original Day Month Year, URL. Accessed Day Month Year.

Page, Ellen Welles. “A Flapper’s Appeal to Parents.” The Outlook, 6 Dec. 1922, l#.WfCMRIFSzrd. Accessed 25 Oct. 2017.

Video Tutorials!

Miss something?  Watch the Video Tutorial for an overview of Sources and Works Cited with


Essential Question: 

What does your primary source suggest about 1920s society and dow did individuals function within that society? Click for full assignment.

Database Links

New York Times:  For a NYT subscription, please send an email to  I can then send a request from the NYT.  Accept the offer.  You should then have full access to the site.

Database Login/Password at home:

Do an Advanced Search in JSTOR and only search articles dated 1920 to 1932 for Primary Sources!

MyBib is a citation manager that provides free citations for MLA, APA, and Chicago style.   Create a new Project, then Add a Citation.  Choose from website, book, journal, video, and more.   If citing a database article, click on More and then Write/Paste.  When you are ready to print your Works Cited or References page, click on Download Bibliography.  Click here for handout. Watch the video!

More Primary Sources

Examples of primary sources you can use for this paper:

  • Newspaper or magazine article from the time period.
  • A review published in a newspaper or magazine.
  • A letter republished online.
  • An autobiography, diary, or nonfiction book from the time period.

General places to look: Although some of these are difficult to navigate, you will find material if you look:

Old Magazine Articles: A collection of scanned articles from various time periods.

Media History Digital Library: A collection of articles that you can navigate.  Search for your term, narrow to 1920 to 1929.  Then click on Read in Context. Enter your search term and then limit by years: 1920 to 1929.

The Chicagoan is available online.  Search for your term.

The Modernist Journal Archive.  Search the archive.


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