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Banned Books Project: Home

Google Links

Note Taking Sheet.  Click on File and Make a Copy to use.

MyBib is a citation manager that provides free citations for MLA, APA, and Chicago style.   Create a new Project, then Add a Citation.  Choose from website, book, journal, video, and more.   If citing a database article, click on More and then Write/Paste.  When you are ready to print your Works Cited or References page, click on Download Bibliography.  Click here for handout. Watch the video!


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Banned Books Research Sources

Banned Books, Censorship, and Literary Merit Project:

Step 1: Download the Note Taking sheet to take notes. Read this Pro Con Article on Banning Books: and type notes on pros and cons of book banning.

Step 2: Find a book and examine book reviews, journals, newspaper articles, and websites

  • Find a book that has been banned in schools or libraries. For classics, go the American Library Association site:
    Newer titles will require a Google search or may be on this list:
  • Find an article (see below) and jot down when, why, and by whom was the book banned.
  • What attempts were made to defend it? (Google search words like challenged, banned, removed.)
  • Evaluate arguments for and against the work.
  • Investigate sources of praise (and criticism) of the book in question. What have critics said in favor of it? What have the critics said against it? Use databases or search online for book reviews.

For classic books, type in the title of the book and "banned" or "censorship" in these databases:
  (montytech1 is the password outside of school)

For more recent, popular books, type in the title of the book and "banned" or "censorship" in one of these databases.
Note: You may also need to type the word "book" in the search if there is a movie also:



You may also find excellent websites. Newspapers will have details on the stories behind banning the book in certain cities/towns.

Also, there are online magazines and blogs written by college professors that may be useful.

To get only college sites, type after the book title.

The Project

You have an option to present your findings using various methods:

  1. Five paragraph essay or speech.
  2. Presentation using Google Slides, Prezi or  In, you can make an interactive poster or an infographic.
  3. Brochure: Use this Google Doc template to create a brochure of your topic. Click on File and Make a Copy.

You also need a Works Cited.  Use