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Mr. McMullen - CP2 Freshmen Shakespeare Research Paper: Home


Day One:
- Overview of the LibGuide and requirements for the Shakespeare paper.
- Concept of topic & subtopics
- Overview of Research Databases

- Research and start notes with organizer

Topics List

Choose ONE main topic.  Use the subtopics provided or choose your own:
Shakespeare's Life 
- Childhood, personal life, career.
Elizabethan Theater Construction, acting and performing, the audience.


Pick at least TWO articles for your main topic, READ, and TAKE NOTES for each subtopic using the organizer from your packet.  
You may choose the subtopics provided or pick your own.
You may print the articles if that helps you.  Also, many of these articles will READ to YOU!

To access ABC-CLIO articles from home, type: montytech1 in both login and password boxes.

Shakespeare's Life - Childhood, personal life, career.
   Biography in Context: William Shakespeare
   ABC-CLIO: William Shakespeare
   Encyclopedia Britannica: William Shakespeare (click this link if the first doesn't work right away)
   World History in Context: William Shakespeare

Elizabethan Theatre - Construction, acting and performing, the audience.
   ABC-CLIO: The Globe Theatre
   ABC-CLIO: Theater in England: 15th and 16th Centuries
   Gale Virtual Reference Library: Elizabethan Drama  
   World History in Context: Drama, English

The Paper

For full credit, you will pass in the following:

  • 1-2 page research paper
  • MLA formatted Works Cited page
  • Your packet of note sheets
  • Your packet of writing organizers

Requirements for paper:

  • Typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman (sized 12), 1" margins.
  • Body of paper is 1-2 pages.  You will have an introductory paragraph with a thesis.  You will then have at least three well-formed body paragraphs and a paragraph at the end for your conclusion.
  • Staple paper to Works Cited page (last page) in the upper left corner.

The first page must have the following in the upper left corner (copy, paste, and replace if you like):

Your name
Date of project
Your Topic
Class period
Mr. McMullen


You will use MLA format to create a Works Cited.  Register with easybib and save your citations.  When you register, enter the Montytech password to get the school account.