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Ms. Moskowitz - Freshmen Shakespeare Research Paper: Home

Unit Objective

To appreciate the culture in Romeo and Juliet by gaining an understanding of the time period of Shakespeare and the Elizabethan era through a research project and presentation.  

Answer the essential question: What is the rold of fate versus free will?

Click here for a complete copy of the assignment.  (Note you need to be logged into your Google Drive account for Monty Tech to access.)

Written Research Notes Sheets

You are required to hand these in with your presentation.  Click for printable sheet:


January 25th to the 29th  

- Library: Elizabethan Era Research Project
- Review/ Discuss Databases with Mrs. Jourdain
- Preliminary Researching
- Get weekly progress report & class expectations signed
- Study for Midterm Exam!

- Midterm Exam!
- none

- Library: Elizabethan Era Research Project
- Researching
- Start research notes (should have at least 3 sources)

- Library: Elizabethan Era Research Project
- Researching
- Works Cited & Outline
- Finish notes, create outline with thesis, and MLA Works Cited

- Library: Elizabethan Era Research Project
- Discuss Research Paper
- Work on Visual
- Research Project due Monday, Feb. 8th!
- Write paper & be prepared to present
- Study spelling #8 - Quiz Thurs., Feb. 11th


The Assignment

You will:
Write a 1 page research paper with a Works Cited page.  It must be typed, double-spaced, 12-sized Times New Roman font, 1" margins.
2. Create and present your topic using Prezi, an online presentation tool.  See the tab above for tips.

For Topics: Click on the second tab on the top.


You will need to use at least 2 database and/or ebook articles in your paper.   There are also many print books that you can copy from or borrow overnight.

Ebooks on Shakespeare and Elizabethan times can be found here.  Type in your username and password.  Search Shakespeare or Elizabethan.  Then, click in the book and search inside of it for your keywords.  We have also pulled several books for your review.

Searching in databases is not like searching in Google.  Use less keywords (one or two) and then browse through or narrow down the results.  You may want to start by typing in Elizabethan or England Renaissance and your topic.

 World History in Context is a Social Studies database with books, magazines, journals, etc.  No password is needed at home. 

Gale Virtual Reference Library is a collection of 336 encyclopedias.  As you scroll through results, read the headings.  No password is needed at home. 

ABC-CLIO is a Social Studies database.  Search them all at the same time.  Take note of the number of hits per database before you click. You are more likely to find the article you want if there are more hits in the database.  Use the Monty Tech password at home: montytech1

MLA citations are at the bottom of every database article. 


Title Page

Normally you would not have a separate title page, however, because your paper is so short, I would like you to have a title page.  The following information should be included:

Your name

English 9 CP4

Mrs. Moskowitz

9 February 2015

This information should be centered, double-spaced, 12 font and 1/3 from the top of the page.  Your Works Cited page should be a typed Word document created with that is attached to the very end of your paper.  You will be graded on the research, writing process, the improvement, and the overall product.  Save everything for full credit!

__ Final written draft with Works Cited page (50 percent)

__ Prezi Presentation (50 points)


Use to store your citations and create your Works Cited.  You need to register with easybib to be able to save your bibliographies.  When you register, enter the Montytech password to get the school account.