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Mr. McMullen - Freshmen Shakespeare Project: Home


Tuesday, 14, 2014

- Quick overview of the LibGuide
- Using ebooks and print books
Overview of Research Databases
Taking notes with the note taking sheet


The Assignment

This project will consist of two parts.  The first part is a research paper on one of the following topics listed below.  The second part is a presentation.  The presentation is based on your paper.  You must do BOTH parts to receive a grade for the assignment.

You will each write a research paper in the form of a 5 paragraph essay.  It must be typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman font, size 12, and 1" margins.

Topics: You will choose from the following list:

Research Paper Topic:


Shakespeare's Globe Theater (History of the Globe) You will make a replica of the Theatre, either a 3-D model or a poster board.
Shakespeare Biography You will conduct an interview with Shakespeare about his life and work.
Diseases of Shakespeare's Time You will make a poster board that shows the details of the disease from Shakepeare's time.
The Church in Renaissance England You will make a poster board that illustrates the changes in the church during this time.

You will need three sources (at least) and take hand written notes on those sources.

Your Works Cited page should be a typed Word document created with that is attached to the end of your paper.

Organizers and Worksheets

Research/Essential Question/Thesis Organizer:

This note-taking packet will help you focus your research by providing space for your topics andsubtopics, your essential question,  your thesis, and notes!  There is also an optional organizer to help you form your paragraphs.


Use to store your citations and create your Works Cited.  You need to register with easybib to be able to save your bibliographies.  When you register, enter the Montytech password to get the school account.