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Nineteen Minutes Glog: Home

The Assignment


Become familiar and knowledgeable in using Glogster.
Exemplify your understanding of the novel Nineteen Minutes by creating a Glogster.


Create a Glogster which depicts your knowledge of both the novel as well as the underlying subjects we have discussed in class.

Glogsters should be visual and pack full of information.  The more you have the better.
You MUST choose one of the songs we have discussed in class as your "theme song."
Your Glogster should complement the message of the song.
You MAY NOT work in pairs or in a group.  All work must be ORIGINAL.
You will present your Glogsters to the class in the Library on the "big screen."

Projects should be in good taste.
It is expected that you will create a Glogster which depicts the empathetic nature in which we have approached this novel.

Glogster Instructions

A Glog is an interactive poster that displays the following media: Glogster's graphics, wallpaper, and text bubbles, as well as your own images and audio.  

Student Instructions:

1. Using the Chrome Browser, go to: to register.  

You will need this number: 871222. For your “nickname,” use your Monty Tech username.  Use your Monty Tech password. Enter your full name when asked. 

2. Your Dashboard will hold all your glogs.

3. Click on Create New Glog.  Choose a template.   You can delete any content by clicking on the item and the trash can.

4. The Wall.  The glog wall can be your picture (upload), one of theirs, or a solid color. Change the Page Wall to change the sides of the glog.

5. Graphics.  Click on an image and use it. Change the color by clicking the eye- dropper.  Create a link to a website (link button) or make it three-dimensional by clicking the wand.

6. Text. Add with or without a text graphic.  If you choose a graphic and have a lot of text, choose a large box.  Any extra text will scroll in Preview.  

7. Images.  If the image is on your computer already, upload to the glog.  You can add a “Frame” before you click on use it.  You can also search for images in Google and use it.

8. Video. Upload if you have it downloaded.  Or search for a video using YouTube (at home).  Or you can click on the cloud icon if you have the URL. When you find a video, click on it.  You can also add a “Player.”  In order view it, you need to click on Preview.

9. Audio. Download to your computer first.  Click on the upload button.  Add a player.  If you wish to record your voice, click on camera tool and grab it.

10. Preview the glog before you save and publish it.

11. Save and Share. Rename it.  When you are done, click on Finished.  Keep it public so others view it.

12. Print Glog Right click or Control click on the glog.

Subject Guide

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Explore Glogpedia!

There's a red button on your Dashboard called Glogpedia.  For good student examples, look here for ideas.