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Senior CP4 Research Paper Assignment: Home

Calendar of Events

January 6- ( lab) Assignment explanation and initial research.

January 21 (library) Research refresher by Mrs. J; continue research and/or other English work.

February 2- Some lab time for research and/or work on other English work.

***February 3***- (library) Continue research and/or other English work; Rough draft of introduction and ‘working’ thesis a DUE BY THE END OF CLASS- hard copies only!!

***February 5***- (Smart Room) ‘Current Works Cited or  Bibliography’  due in proper format with a minimum of two different source note cards  from two different sources to support thesis assertion DUE BY THE END OF CLASS- hard copies only!!

February 24- (lab) Paper and/or other English work.

February 25- (lab) First “readable” draft due by the end of the period.  

February 26- First peer review.

March 9-(lab) Fix/change any items from peer review and/or other paper items or other English work.  

March 10 or 11-(lab) Continue to fix/change any items from peer review and/or other paper items or other English work.

March 11- Second peer review.

March 21/22- (lab) Last chance for computer access at MT (third + draft); work on other English work, if applicable.

March 24- Final hard copy paper due- no exceptions.


Basic Requirements

You have TWO options for your research paper.

Option #1: You will be writing a research paper about a novel you have already read in school and whether the work should or should not be censored.  The basic requirements for the research paper are as follows:

  1. A minimum of four typed pages (not including your Works Cited) in Times New Roman and size 12 font.

  1. A Works Cited that consists of a minimum of three respectable sources (and one is not the book you are writing about). 

  1. The correct use of documentation to avoid plagiarism. A word to the wise . . . teachers know when something isn’t your writing and we have many ways to prove it. Consider yourself forewarned. 

  1. Meeting deadline requirements as specified by the timetable/calendar of events.

You will argue for or against the censoring of a book that you have already read for school. Why should it be censored or why shouldn’t it be censored? Think of this question when you formulate your thesis.


Option #2: A solution to a real-world problem that is connected to your trade

  1. You will need to first research the problems facing your chosen trade.  This may involve talking to people in the business.  Once you have decided on the problem you will attempt to solve, you will need to research failed methods and trials.  Ultimately you will need to develop a solution to the problem that you believe will work.  Your paper should clearly state your proposed solution to the problem.  

  2. Your solution to the problem will drive your research as well as your paper.  It will become your thesis; your entire paper should support your thesis.


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