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Who Is Responsible for World War I?: Home


Using your organizer and the History Rubric, you will write a persuasive, five-paragraph (at least) essay answering the following prompt: 
In your opinion, who deserves the majority of the blame for WWI?  You must have a thesis statement with an assertion.  You must back up your thesis with facts.  You may use the excerpts above as source material as well as other sources from the research databases and quality websites.  Use Chicago style for your citations.  Be sure to use footnotes and have your sources in a separate page at the end.  Use  

Research Option

Databases and Websites:  You need at least THREE sources.  If you wish, two can be from the organizer.

Try: World War I causes  OR World War I responsibility


The Research Process 

  • Formulate a thesis based on preliminary readings.
  • Find at least 3 reliable sources (If you wish, two can be from the organizer) peer reviewed articles/essays, books..etc. For books online, try .
  • Read and take notes about each source. Paraphrase the main argument, bullet useful facts, and copy quotations that are imperative. Highlighting is not the same thing as taking notes. Be sure to get or make Chicago citations for each source while you are taking notes.  Use the Note-Taking Sheet if you wish (click File and Make a Copy).


First Paragraph

  • Hook sentence
  • Summary (two sentences)
  • Thesis Statement

Body Paragraphs (at least three)

  • Topic Sentence
  • Background
  • Quotation (if used)
  • Analysis of background information and/or quote
  • Transition sentence


  • Restate Thesis Statement
  • Summarize Paper
  • Clincher Sentence


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