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Mr. Zibel - Decades Project CP4: Home


1. Database Researching: Browse decades in Pop Culture Universe or online.  Choose one decade to research. Read an overview of the decade and take notes. Pick one topic from the list to study in depth or choose your own.

2. Type your research notes on one topic of the decade. Develop subtopics.  Use the Google Doc NoteSheet to the right or use your own method.  Look for helpful quotations and facts. Paste the citation from the databases into your notes sheet.  If using the web, create citations using MyBib, then copy and paste them to your notes sheet.

3. Develop a thesis statement about your decade. Support your claim with factual information from your research.

4. Ask your teacher regarding paper length!

5. Create a Works Cited using properly formatted MLA citations. You must use at least two different databases. Proper MLA formatting is required.  Use

6. Assemble your project. In total, you must submit your typed research notes, a paper, and a Works Cited page. The neatness, organization, appearance, and meeting deadlines of your project will be taken into account.

Presentation: (If applicable.  See your teacher for details.) Create a visual or presentation that reflects your decade.  You may choose to create a Glogster, which is an online presentation project. See tab above for instructions.



Mr. Zibel’s Decades Project Timeline of Events as of 9/16/15

Dates and items are subject to change due to unforeseen events/circumstances/etc.

9/14- Lib Guide, databases, Easybib information/ demonstration/, google refresher, etc.

9/15-  Lib Guide, databases, Easybib information/ demonstration/, google refresher, etc.

9/16- Assignment given out and explanation of requirements.

9/17- Lab time for research and other English work if applicable.

9/18- Lab time for research and other English work if applicable.

9/30- Lab time for research and other English work if applicable and Works Cited (to date) due

10/2- Lab time for research and other English work if applicable and completed source note cards due and typed introduction with thesis as last sentence of paragraph due.

10/14- Lab time for research and other English work if applicable and outline due by the end of the period.

10/26- Peer review.

10/28- Lab time for any final edits.

10/29- Project due at beginning of period- no exceptions.

The Research Assignment

Step One: Choose ONE decade to research and find information in the databases for THREE of the following topics OR choose one topic and research three subtopics:

  • Significant national and/or world events

  • Significant people (national and/or world)

  • Inventions

  • Popular culture (sports, entertainment, music, etc.)

  • Fashion

  • Economy

  • Politics (national or international)

Step Two: Take notes on your topics in the Note Taking Sheet.


 Browse or search for your topic and decade.  Home login and password: montytech1 

 Search for your topic and decade (ex. 1920s)Home login and password: montytech1 (Note: Pop Culture Universe is a sub-database of ABC-CLIO).

  Search for your topic and decade. No password is needed at home.

Gale Virtual Reference Library is a collection of 336 reference encyclopedias. Search for your topic and decadeHome login: montytech1   

Bloom's is a collection of Literary Criticism.  Type in The Great Gatsby and your topic.  Home login and  password: montytech1 

MLA citations are at the bottom of every database article.  It's also an easy copy and paste into your Note-Taking Sheet. The login and password for all databases from home is montytech1 - montytech1


Record citations while taking notesYou don't want to have to go back and do it later!  Remember you need to cite whenever you use someone else's ideas or words.  Paraphrase instead of copying word-for-word to avoid plagiarism. 

The Final Product

Once again, you must submit your:

- Typed notes sheets on your decade
- 1-2 page written response
- Works Cited page

Format for Written Response:

- Typed
- 12 point font
- Times New Roman font
- Double spaced
- 1 inch margins