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Mr. Zibel - Terrorism vs. Freedom Fighter CP4: Terrorist or Freedom Fighter?

The Assignment

Objectives:  You will:

Chose one of your former incidents (or a completely different event if you so choose) and research it more in detail.

Determine if the people involved were terrorists or freedom fighters. Events we covered in class are off limits (9/11, Oklahoma bombing, and case studies).

Make sure you take good notes and always identify the source of the information. You may only use the databases available via the MT library.

You must have a thesis assertion as the last sentence of your introduction. The introduction must provide a brief summary of the event (perhaps the  five W’s and one H). Make sure you provide specific examples within your paper to support your answer (either from the source you already found or any other source you might find). Lastly, don’t forget your works cited page to avoid plagiarism.

You might want to reference the handout about terrorism that you received when we started After the First Death.  

Click for a Google Doc of the Assignment.

Google Docs of Note Sheet

Log into your Google Drive Account first.  Click here, then File and Make a Copy.

  • Use the left side for your topic and subtopics.
  • Use the center for your notes.  You may number, bullet, or type in complete sentences!
  • Use the bottom box for your citation.

Note: A great practice is to print them and cut them into boxes when you write your paper!

Research Databases

You will conduct research on a "terrorist" attacks.  They can be in or outside of the United States.

Use the following databases to find information about the attack:



1.  To find your article again (or find a new one), search terrorism.
2.  Click on the link for Terrorism: Essential Primary Sources.
3.  Scroll down to the list of the types of terrorism (Anarchist, Political, Insurgent, etc.) and click on the down arrow to browse.

Copy and paste the name of the attack and put it in the Gale Virtual Reference Library search again.  You may find another article here.
Also search for it in other databases below:


MLA style citations are available for every database article.  On the right, click on Citation Tools.  Click on Easybib to import the citation.

The Works Cited

You will all need to produce a Works Cited.  Record citations while taking notes. Paraphrase instead of copying word-for-word to avoid plagiarism.