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Senior Honors Research Paper Assignment: Home


  • Minimum of 4 pages TYPED. Times New Roman, 12 pt. ONLY! Double Spaced.
  • Correctly formatted cover page
  • Correctly formatted outline
  • OPTION #1 = A Works Cited that consists of a MINIMUM of 4 respectable sources (the classic does not count as one).
    OPTION #2 = Bibliography page (not included in the 4 page requirement). 8 sources minimum, 4 of them must be cited parenthetically in your paper. 

A paper passed in without the correct use of documentation will be considered plagiarism.  Teachers know your writing, and we have many ways to prove when it’s not. You have been warned. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE.

Basic Requirements

Developing your Research Paper

  • You have TWO options for your research paper.

Option #1 - The validity of using a classic novel as an education tool

  • Choose a classic novel and read it.  Then decide based on your reading and the research your conducted whether or not the use of the novel is a valid educational tool.   If so, where? Why? What connections, benefits, etc. would you utilize for this novel? How would you do this? If you were to teach a student or your own children, could you use your classic in any way? If not, why? So you see, you can approach this either way- yes to use it, or not to use it.

  • Your answer to the above question will drive your research as well as your paper.  It will become your thesis; your entire paper should support your thesis.


Option #2 – A solution to a real-world problem that is connected to your trade

  • You will need to first research the problems facing your chosen trade.  This may involve talking to people in the business.  Once you have decided on the problem you will attempt to solve, you will need to research failed methods and trials.  Ultimately you will need to develop a solution to the problem that you believe will work.  Your paper should clearly state your proposed solution to the problem.  

  • Your solution to the problem will drive your research as well as your paper.  It will become your thesis; your entire paper should support your thesis.



Book Sources

For physical, print books, try our library or your local public library:

For electronic versions, you can try our Follett Shelf books or if the book is REALLY old, you probably can find it on

To learn how to use these as apps, go to this LibGuide.

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