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Vocational Strands 4-6: Strand 4

Performance Examples for Strand 4

4. A.01 Performance Examples:

  • Research positions open within a variety of companies and compare/contrast their descriptions, duties, and expectations.
  • Prepare responses to standard interview questions.
  • Participate in a mock-interview with industry professionals.

4. A.02 Performance Examples:

  • Review a professional journal; choose one article to summarize.
  • Call the publisher for free products in journal.
  • Develop an oral presentation regarding an article in a journal. Summarize trends presented in a graph.

Strand 4: Employability Knowledge and Skills

4.A Employability Knowledge and Skills
4.A.01 Develop employability skills to secure and keep employment in chosen field.
4.A.01.01 Evaluate industries, organizations, and careers based on multiple sources of research and information.
4.A.01.02 Assess interest areas to determine potential career pathways, including career ladders.
4.A.01.03 Develop a career plan with alternatives.
4.A.01.04 Complete job applications and related employment documents (e.g. W-4).
4.A.01.05 Create professional cover letters, resumes, and portfolios in a variety of formats (print and electronic).
4.A.01.06 Apply job search skills to seek, evaluate, apply for, and accept employment.
4.A.01.07 Demonstrate good interviewing skills.
4.A.01.08 Demonstrate employability skills needed to get and keep a job.
4.A.01.09 Assess alternative occupational choices (e.g. working conditions, benefits, and opportunities to change).

4.A.02 Communicate in multiple modes to address needs within the career and technical field.
4.A.02.01 Apply strategies to enhance effectiveness of all types of communications in the workplace.
4.A.02.02 Apply reading skills and strategies to work-related documents.
4.A.02.03 Locate information from books, journals, magazines, and the Internet.
4.A.02.04 Apply basic writing skills to work-related communication.
4.A.02.05 Write work-related materials.
4.A.02.06 Explain information presented graphically.
4.A.02.07 Use writing/publishing/presentation applications.
4.A.02.08 Apply basic skills for work-related oral communication.
4.A.02.09 Explain proper telephone etiquette and skills.
4.A.02.10 Lead formal and informal group discussions.
4.A.02.11 Demonstrate effective negotiation and conflict management.
4.A.02.12 Apply active listening skills to obtain and clarify information.
4.A.02.13 Communicate with others in a diverse workforce.

4.A.03 Solve problems using critical thinking.
4.A.03.01 Demonstrate skills used to define and analyze a given problem.
4.A.03.02 Explain the importance and dynamics of individual and teamwork approaches of problem solving.
4.A.03.03 Describe methods of researching and validating reliable information relevant to the problem.
4.A.03.04 Explain strategies used to formulate ideas, proposals and solutions to problems.
4.A.03.05 Select potential solutions based on reasoned criteria.
4.A.03.06 Implement and evaluate solution(s).
4.A.04 Demonstrate positive work behaviors.
4.A.04.01 Identify time management and task prioritization skills.
4.A.04.02 Explain the importance of following workplace etiquette/protocol.
4.A.04.03 Demonstrate willingness to learn and further develop skills.
4.A.04.04 Demonstrate self-management skills.
4.A.04.05 List causes of stress and effective stress management techniques.
4.A.04.06 Describe the importance of having a positive attitude and techniques that boost morale.
4.A.04.07 Show initiative by coming up with unique solutions and taking on extra responsibilities.
4.A.04.08 Explain the importance of setting goals and demonstrate the ability to set, reach, and evaluate goals.
4.A.04.09 Explain the importance of taking pride in work accomplished and extrinsic and intrinsic motivators that can be used to increase pride.
4.A.04.10 Value the importance of professionalism, including reliability, honesty, responsibility, and ethics.
4.A.04.11 Demonstrate a respect for diversity and its benefit to the workplace.

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