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World History Project Guide: Home

MyBib provides free citations for MLA, APA, and Chicago style. Create a new Project & Add a Citation.  Choose website, book, journal, video, etc.  For database articles, click More then Write/Paste.  To copy or print your final product, click on Download Bibliography.  Click here for handout. Watch the video!


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Research Guidelines and Suggested Sources

Step One: Narrowing a Topic:

Investigate a topic from the current unit. Use Google and the Research databases below to learn some background information. Note: You will most likely need to narrow down your topic. Use the Topic Selection tab above to learn how. 

Step Two: Research Question & Background Knowledge:

Find information that provides you with a broad understanding of your topic.  An encyclopedia, a reference book, or reputable website (such as PBS) are good beginnings. Devise your research question after acquiring some background knowledge and then continue with more background information. Use the Research Question & Background Information tab above to learn how to develop your research question. These are recommended database sources for background information (Login/password: montytech1). Cite information that you use in your final project. 

Step Three: Scholarly Research:

This research builds upon background information and goes beyond it.  Scholarly sources are written by experts and the information is more detailed and researched. Authors provide a list of sources that they used at the end.  They are published in academic journals and books, although sometimes you may find them in magazines.  Go to the TAB above for information on scholarly research. According to the Rubric, you need at least three scholarly sources (in addition to background sources) for full credit.  These book sources and databases are quality sources for scholarly research. Hint: In Gale databases, look for Academic Journals. (Login/password: montytech1):  


Need more databases?  Go to the main page for the Library to explore the entire selection.

You can also try:
Another great source is:

Note: Most libraries are closed for browsing, however Monty Tech and others are providing “curb-side” service.  If you would like a book from our collection, please search and place a hold on it with your student ID and password.  You’ll need a library card to put a hold on a public library book.  Please see me for help.

The best plan is to have open when collecting your research.  You will need to provide a Works Cited (MLA style), Bibliography (Chicago), or References (APA) page.  The style is up to you.