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Honors Biology Research Paper: Honors Biology Research Paper

Step by Step

Research Project Steps:

- Understand the assignment (right)
- Narrow your topic (above tab)
- Find background information

- Write keywords and questions
- Search quality sources
- Begin References page
- Take notes
- Create an outline
- Rough draft
- Final draft

The Assignment

You will write a 2-3 page research paper on a topic related to your experiment.


- Typed: Times New Roman - Size 12
- Cover page has Title of research in the center of the page & Name in upper right corner.
- Staple in upper left corner.
- Hard (printed) copy turned in - no emailed papers
- No plastic, cardboard cover/folder
- Late papers - minus 10 point for each day late, including shop days.

The Plan

Start with one or two introductory paragraphs to explain the relevance of your topic to your experiement. 

Put information in your own words by summarizing and paraphrasing, then citing the material.  Tip: If you are using words that you don't understand, they are not your own. Plagiarism results in a grade of "0."

Use a closing paragraph at the end of your paper to reinforce the connection between your reference topic and your experiment.


You will use APA format to cite your sources.  This is the standard format for science.  Use to cite.  You need to register with easybib in order to use their APA formatting feature.  When you register, enter the Montytech password to get the school account.