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Honors Biology Research Paper: Search

What Do I Do Now?

Gather any notes or printouts from your background information.  Get your list of keywords and all of your questions.

There are three sources for research:

  1. Books
  2. Databases
  3. Websites

Each one of these sources requires the internet and a website to search. 
For this project, I recommend that you start with databases.

Use to manage your Works Cited!

You will use APA format to cite your sources.  This is the standard format for science.  Use to cite.  You need to register with easybib in order to use their APA formatting feature.  When you register, enter the Montytech password to get the school account.



When using Science Reference Center, use Advanced Search. Check:  Find all of my search terms AND Also search within the full text of the articles.

Other reminders:

1. Less is more.  The more specific your keywords (use your list), the better the results.  Add more keywords to your list if needed.
2. Try different combinations of keywords to search.
3. Use Advanced Search in any database to narrow results.
4. Email articles or use "print-friendly" options.
5. Each databases provides the citation for you to copy and paste.  Follow the directions on the next tab for the References page.
6. Watch out for plagiarism!  Don't just copy word for word what you find.  Take quality notes!

You may also go to the direct link for all databases at  Try some of the other databases like JSTOR or Student Research Center.


Go directly to Google.

Book Sources

Using Follett Shelf and Overdrive:

While the Library is under renovation, books are made available online through Follett Shelf and Overdrive.  The purpose of Follett Shelf is to provide students and staff with access to fiction and nonfiction books that complement the school's curriculum.  In order to use Follett Shelf books on a computer, you only need to know your login and password for school, and go to this link:  Search the keywords that you have written down.  Keep in mind that the simpler the keywords the better, i.e. less is more.  You can always read on the computer.  If you wish to download this book to read on your own device, please go to this website for instructions.

The purpose of Overdrive is to provide staff and students with access to mostly fiction books that complement the school's curriculum and also for pleasure reading. Follett also has over 100 fiction titles, but future fiction will be purchased through Overdrive.  For instructions on accessing Overdrive and using their system to read on your own device, please go to this website.

About using print sources: The Monty Tech Library is closed for renovations.  Even with the internet, many people prefer using print books.  Many print books contain information not available in a digital method.  If I'm talking about you, use your public library!

Go to your local library to sign up for a card.

Search by format, keyword, or library.  When you have your own library card, you can request any book you find in the system to be sent to your own town library. 

Check for Understanding

In searching for sources, I have

__ Looked in both Library science databases

__ Evaluated all sources for accuracy using 4 criteria below

__ Started or continued a Works Cited page in

Evaluating Sources

Depending on your assignment, you will find certain sources better at answering your questions than others.  

With any source, note the following:

  • Authority
  • Currency
  • Coverage
  • Objectivity